Donald Trump look-alike standing in front of a crowd of hotel workers, facing a young man in the foreground.

“Celebrity Hotel Empire”


Numbuh One of the Galactic Kids Next Door, at attention in a spotlight, holding a booger on his finger.

Galactic Kids Next Door — teaser trailer


Sprout characters, live-action hosts and aliens, all posing together for a snapshot.

The More You Know PSA —  “Self-Esteem”


Skeletal pirates surrounding a fortune teller who gazes into a crystal ball and speaks.

Codename: Kids Next Door, “Operation LICORICE” —  Stickybeard’s journal


happy children attending a birthday party in a suburban kitchen

Sunny-Side Up Show —  opening sequence


fantastic underwater building block structure labeled "Bellatropolis"

Captain McFinn & Friends — background layouts


A black and white photograph of Chica and Stitches, smiling and holding up a miniature golf trophy.

The Chica Show — “Star-Struck Chica”


Chica at a kitchen counter, whipping up a dragonfruit smoothie.

The Chica Show — “Chica’s Tasty Treat”


The character "Bat-rat", wielding dual cheese graters.

“The Cheese & the Rat”


Sad dog in a cage.