interlaced birch branches in gothic pointed-arch window frame

Stained glass design

sentient tree floating on a hoverdisc

Galactic Kids Next Door  —  74.239 alien form concept


Galactic Kids Next Door font key

Galactic Kids Next Door  —  lettering system

(Pssst!  If you think the GKND numbers and letters are really cool, and want to know more about how I came up with them, you can read about that HERE.)


Galactic Kids Next Door numbering system

Galactic Kids Next Door  —  numbering system

blue and pink dragon with a white beard, wearing a purple fez and smoking a pipe

“Draggy” — t-shirt art. Buy online.


Grotloid poster art. Buy online.



the phrase "In a World Where Absolute Moral Values Are Hard to Come By, Cheese is Good", drawn on a blackboard

“Cheese is Good” series poster art, #1. Buy online.


Proud to be American (cheese)

“Cheese is Good” series poster art, #2. Buy online.


Hooty Holidays owls in snow greeting card image

Holiday greeting card


Sector V characters from Cartoon Network's "Codename: Kids Next Door"

Codename: Kids Next Door  —  color art (non-production)
[Sector V characters, Rainbow Monkeys and associated show elements © Cartoon Network]


Dragon Magick Wares: homes & furnishings / established 2009

Dragon Magick Wares  —  virtual business logo


opened envelope lying on desk surrounded by small objects

Virtual art gallery invitation


framed image of steampunk woman holding a model of a house

Second Life portraiture


coffee cup and pot over a background of Delft plate and coffee beans

Stained glass design #1


red rose blossom

Stained glass design #2


wooden orc head totem surrounded by lightning bolts and the title "Warpheadz"

Warpheadz social club logo  —  t-shirt silkscreen


Sector V drawn in limited palette Communist propaganda style with caption "The KND needs you".

Codename: Kids Next Door  —  Comic-Con t-shirt
[Sector V characters © Cartoon Network]


skiier jumping over icy landscape with caption "Ski Dereno" and "D'ni Travel Board" logo

Parody travel advertisement #1
[“D’ni”, “Dereno” and associated Age indicia © Cyan Games]


man with backpack standing on asteroid-like rocks with arms outstretched, under "Visit Ahnonay Today!" logo

Parody travel advertisement #2
[“D’ni”, “Ahnonay” and associated Age indicia © Cyan Games]


banner reading "Alice and the Angels" over antique Christmas tree and paneled wooden backdrop

Alice & the Angels  —  playbill cover image