Dig My Art, Yo
no, seriously

I mean it


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About guy

(yep, that's him)

It’s Pretty Simple…

Storytelling is what I do.
I've been at it for a long time,
and I'm gosh darn good at it.
Know what you want?
Awesome. I'll draw it.
(Or write it. Or both!)
Not so sure?
We'll talk it out, and you will be.
Know there's a problem,
but can't figure out what it is,
or how to fix it?
I'll bet I can.

I ask the right questions, and you'll benefit as a result.

(And yes: I have a BA in Liberal Arts from William Paterson College, I studied at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, I helped my team win an animation award in Ottawa in 2005, and I had a holiday named after me at MTV. Plus I play RPGs and strategy games, hang out extensively in Second Life, debate the merits of cheeses, wines and chili dogs, and otherwise do all the same stuff normal people do.)

(Did I say 'normal'?)